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Highlight: TravelBistro

The new TravelBistro

 - The new TravelBistro

FESPO is celebrating its 30th anniversary – and there is a present for you to mark the occasion. Together with the online travel platform TravelBistro, a new meeting place is being created in FESPO hall 1 where you can swap experiences with other travel fans in a pleasant atmosphere.

Globetrotters can relax in comfortable seats in the public lounge for informal chats and the chance to glean exciting insider tips. Discussions on various travel trends will be held in the TravelBistro (see programme on this page), which the public are welcome to join.


At 3 p.m. the discussion will focus on cuisine and culture from travel destinations. Various countries will serve their specialities – so treat yourself to some tasty bites.

The detailed programme is available on the TravelBistro and FESPO websites. So take a look – and, of course, drop by in person at the TravelBistro.


TravelBistro is the product of a passion: the passion for travel, adventure and discovering other cultures around the globe. TravelBistro provides journalists and travel experts alike with tips and ideas focusing on travel, excursions, service and foreign cultures. Given that the success of a travel experience also hinges on food, the website also includes recipes, restaurant and bar tests.


TravelBistro is the venue for German-speaking globetrotters, who have left their thirties behind them, and so know exactly what they want of a holiday.

TravelBistro programme: Travel trends


11 a.m./Cruising: ocean and river cruises, a peak behind the scenes.

1 p.m./Sustainability: Climate-friendly holidays – the tourist industry is on it. What does the industry offer, what can I do as a traveller?

3 p.m./Cuisine and culture: Europe


11 a.m./Spa time and selfness: well-being and self-optimisation, a holistic approach for body and soul.

1 p.m./Sport and active holidays: the Swiss enjoy being active on holiday and are also interested in major sport events abroad.

3 p.m./Cuisine and culture: Asia, Australia and Oceania


11 a.m./Themed holidays: From music to photography, themed holidays are popular. Followed by: Photo walk in and around FESPO with Amazing Views Seek inspiration for your next holiday photos from the photography pros and take advantage of many practical tips (such as playing with light and shade) from the experts. Duration: around one hour, participants can bring their own camera.

1 p.m./The great outdoors: enjoy your freedom and independence in a camper, van or 4 × 4 vehicle – in tune with the new lifestyle trend of slow-living and for long-term holidays.

3 p.m./Cuisine and culture: Africa, Indian Ocean and Arabia


11 a.m./Sustainability: The boom in hiking and trekking holidays. Holidays close to nature.

1 p.m./Settling elsewhere: I’m heading out – for a few weeks, a sabbatical or for good.

3 p.m./Cuisine and culture: “Special Guest” Italy


More information about the TravelBistro is available in hall 1, booth 1.070.


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