FESPO and Golfmesse
01 - 04 February 2024



Now also in Northern Germany

Discover Hamburg, relax by the Elbe and learn to putt perfectly at the brand new KRAMSKI PUTTING Academy Custom Fitting Centre in Northern Germany! The new location near Bönningstedt is about 20 km northwest of Hamburg with direct access to the A7 and A23. Hotstixxgolf is the perfect partner to offer the KRAMSKI PUTTING Academy with its unique training concept and fitting offer to golf enthusiasts in Northern Germany.

Since 1999, Hotstixxgolf has been one of the best premier clubfitting locations in Germany, offering 1,600 m² of indoor putting studios and conference rooms, as well as a fully equipped tour workshop. Thorsten Kiehnbast - the manager of HotStixxGolf - is a masterfitter, shortgame expert, golf coach and probably one of the most experienced members of the KRAMSKI PUTTER team.

The cooperation with KRAMSKI PUTTER was established at the Porsche European Open 2022 - founder and owner Wiestaw Kramski met Kiehnbast and was immediately convinced by his training tips on the practice day.

Based at one of the best German golf courses, Thorsten Kiehnbast carries out individual fittings so that your putters can then be custom-made for you in the KRAMSKI PUTTER Manufacture. Fittings are made outdoors and indoors. Of course with state-of-the-art golf technology - including fitting and analysis equipment such as Sam Puttlab, Flightscope and Hackmotion.

Group and individual training sessions of the KRAMSKI PUTTING Academy also come to Northern Germany with HotStixxGolf. Thus, all contents of the KRAMSKI PUTTER "Mastering the Green" method are taught on site and directly applied under individual supervision.

This completes the trio: Fitting, custom-made putter and repeatable methodology for perfect putting results - the whole world of KRAMSKI PUTTER is now open to you oh in your area - book your fitting/training, come by and learn to putt like a pro!


On Wednesday 02.11.2022 the "INSIDE THE ROPES-Event" with our KRAMSKI Tour Coach Michael Torres and Elite Club Fitter Thorsten Kiehnbast took place in Bönningstedt. Amateurs and golf instructors trained their putts together according to the motto Train like the pros, Putt like the pros & Score like the pros. Many thanks to all participants for an interesting, instructive day and the opportunity to exchange tips and tricks with like-minded people!

the FESPO and Golfmesse
01 - 04 February 2024

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