FESPO and Golfmesse
01 - 04 February 2024


We are the experts for consistency in golf. We use both mental strategies and dynamic movement principles to help golfers achieve a loose, free swing. You will gain more length, more consistency and a stress-free golf swing so that you can play healthy and pain-free without age limits. Our concept is unique because it was created by two experts in the fields of mental training and physiotherapy. We have been working in this field for over 25 years and have helped thousands of golfers to improve their game. That is our passion!

At the lectures in Rolf Stauffer's forum you will learn numerous strategies on how to play healthier, more consistently, more joyfully and more successfully.

Or visit us at the booth, play an exciting BodyMind game and win a one-day seminar.

Every person can win!

And if you want to learn our strategies right now, you can download the book '7 Keys to More Consistency in Golf' from our website right now.

the FESPO and Golfmesse
01 - 04 February 2024

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