FESPO and Golfmesse
01 - 04 February 2024

Golfing with the Pharaohs

Playing golf in winter? Not always the standard programme? We are pleased to introduce you to a "new", exceptionally attractive golf destination.

The Egyptian capital is practically unknown as a golf destination. This will soon change, as several top golf courses have been built in recent years, all of which are playable all year round. Another golf course is expected to open in mid/end 2023.

The combination of plenty of sunshine, cultural highlights and culinary highlights makes Cairo a fascinating golf destination. Explore the exceptional golf courses on our website.

The Sphinx Travel Team spends several months a year in Cairo and therefore knows the golf courses, hotels, restaurants and excursion destinations inside out.

We have all the well-known golf destinations, but Cairo is one of our favourites due to its combination of culinary delights and culture, not to mention the weather.

We would be happy to put together your personal travel experience, whether Cairo or another destination.

Your Sphinx Travel Team is looking forward to your request / 058 058 18 10

the FESPO and Golfmesse
01 - 04 February 2024

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