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01 - 04 February 2024

Train and correct your feet with Step Flex

Step Flex is the only insole on the market that, thanks to its elastic and flexible structure, directly trains the plantar muscles and gradually makes the feet assume the correct posture for their proper function, improving problems such as: Hallux Valgus, heel spurs, hammertoes, pronation, flat feet and hollow feet etc. improve.

It also aligns the body to eliminate discomfort typical of the back, shoulders, neck, knees, hips and ankles.

Why train the plantar muscles?

Because it reaches the area of the plantar muscle that is not normally trained.

The foot consists of a longitudinal arch and a transverse arch, which are supported by bones and strengthened by muscles and ligament structures so that the feet are flexible and not rigid. Step Flex is considered a gym to exercise the muscles the feet as they help to realign and lift the weak and fallen arches. The constant use of Step Flex increases circulation and allows the foot to achieve real and amazing changes which:

  • Give balance and stability to the body
  • You bring the feet back to their natural position
  • Your whole body is instantly uplifted and benefits

How does it work?

Step Flex works because it works directly on the muscle, as it has a flexible and dynamic material that allows the foot to adapt to the shape of the insole, as it acts as a mould that gradually adjusts it to the correct position.

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the FESPO and Golfmesse
01 - 04 February 2024

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